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Welcome to LogiLogi

This website aims to take on-line discussions in philosophy and the humanities to a new level. Until now, such web discussions have taken the form of chaotic threads produced by anonymous authors. Thus, the potential for serious in-depth discussions on the internet - especially in philosophy - has been left untapped. Enter LogiLogi and its new model for web discussions.

LogiLogi = short hypertexts, easy linking and meritocratic rating. Logis are short documents that you can write and share quickly. They can only be edited by their author, while links and short remarks can be inserted by all.

Links are to tags or tag-sets that function like categories. You can browse to logis through one or more of these tags (such as Logi_Logi or stacked together as: Logi_Logi/Manta). Multiple logis can be tagged with the same tags, and if more than one logi is contending for a tag-set, then their ratings decide which one is shown.

Logis are rated from the viewpoints of a variety of peer-groups. Everyone can select which peergroup to use as their filter, and thus whose ratings decide what they see. Anyone can start a peer-group and what voting-power you have within each peer-group is determined by the ratings that your own writings received from other members.

For a more extensive introduction to LogiLogi and it's relation to the philosophical tradition, browse the logi's on LogiLogi, or see this short (1500-words) paper: English, Fran├žais. LogiLogi is Free/Open Source Software.

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